5 Fool-Proof Ways to Respond to Rudeness at Work

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If you're a woman who often finds herself stunned and confused about how to behave when others are rude to you at work, this FREE 5-day email guide will help you:

  • Weigh your options and their repercussions -- Create a game plan so you're no longer stunned and off your game when rudeness happens.
  • Deliver readymade comebacks -- Have an arsenal of comebacks at your disposal, tailored to women, who risk being thought of as "aggressive" or "too meek" at work, and know what to do if you couldn't come up with a good comeback in time.
  • Act strategically, not impulsively -- Avoid blowing up at your coworkers or becoming the "office doormat," and instead behave with dignity and act in your best interest.

The result: A more confident you who is ready to tackle the complexities of your office dynamic.

You'll get one email a day for 5 days, each sharing a different tactic you can use when others are rude and dismissive of you at work.

To enhance your confidence with responding to rudeness, you will also receive:

  • Case studies from other women showing how to use these methods in real life.
  • Actual responses you can use when someone is rude to you -- no need for you to reinvent the wheel.
  • Daily exercises to help you tailor your responses to your personality and temperament -- and NOT generic advice that would only work for a man.

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May Flam (pronounced "My") is a career coach for women who love parts of their work, but feel resentful and underserved in their workplace. She works with them to create a work situation in which they’re contributing to the world while still building a life they enjoy.

May grew up in Israel and in Dallas, Texas. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with her husband and daughter.  

May Flam

Career Coach for Women