Are you biding your time for your boss to finally give you a raise? Do you hold back in meetings while your colleagues speak up? Are you desiring for your clients to please stop emailing you at midnight demanding your attention, but are scared of asking?

Stop wishing and start to reclaim your power at work. In this 5-day self-paced mini-course, you will:

  • Identify the biggest cause of your frustration at work and what needs to change NOW to put you back in the driver's seat
  • Learn a step-by-step process to create this change in the next 30 days (without becoming the office asshole)
  • The exact best practices for continuing to build your power at work over time (even if you're super introverted and don't like to make waves)
  • BONUS: Does your work life change include setting boundaries or negotiating with other people? Learn NINE best practices for negotiating with your boss, colleagues, clients, and family to get them excited to say YES to your desires

You will also receive an exclusive opportunity to receive FREE one-on-one coaching from me to help you achieve your 30-day goal. Get this mini-course now for only $50 to gain access to the 5-day challenge videos, workbook, and Q&A from other women like you.


Less than 6 months after taking part in the course, Lisa quit her day job to go full-time in her business. But... twist! Her boss gave her an offer she couldn't refuse, changing her role so that it now has everything she likes and nothing she doesn't.

"Reclaim Your Power at Work helped me have the confidence to only accept the perfect offer and nothing less."

- Lisa Wilsey, Photographer, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I took this course when my coworkers were driving me crazy. With a little bit of effort and a shift in perspective, I discovered that I don’t have to waste so much energy feeling resentful of my coworkers. I can own my feelings about the job and move on. 

I’ve already recommended Reclaim Your Power at Work, since I learned that my work life changes can be improved or resolved. 

Since I took the course, I've told my job I'm moving on. I felt strong and confident when I gave my notice. It feels great knowing I can take risks at work and still receive positive feedback.”

- Katherine Curtis, Therapist, Seattle, WA

May Flam (pronounced "My") is the coach for women with a job, a side hustle, AND family obligations who feel overwhelmed and/or bored at work. Through her coaching on self-love and self-acceptance, they heal their relationship with work, and finally create a work life that feels meaningful and energizing.  

May grew up in Israel and in Dallas, Texas, and now lives in NYC with her husband.  

May Flam The "Heal Your Work Life" Coach