Fair Play: Learn the Essentials

Managing a household and kids with a partner is tough on good days, total chaos on others. 

If you find yourself:

  • Shouldering the load just to not rock the boat
  • Lowering your expectations to “stay grateful”
  • Biting your tongue when you want to speak up
  • Feeling like you never “clock out” 
  • Resenting your partner over forgotten details
  • Worrying about everything for everyone, all the time

…There’s a better way. 




It’s time to stop keeping all of the domestic and parenting responsibilities in your head. 

You and your partner can share the load AND create a healthier relationship.


(Guess what? They probably want that, too). 


You just need a framework you can both agree on.


Learn how with the game-changing Fair Play system.

Monday, March 13, 2023, 8:30 PM EST

The Fair Play system will teach you:

A new vocabulary

to make your conversations about domestic life clear, effective, and constructive

A simple system

that sets you and your partner up for success in sharing the emotional labor of parenting and domestic life

A way to integrate fun and joy

because you are (both) more than your obligations

Imagine having the space to:


Develop your career

Sharing the load (and trusting that it’s all getting done) means more time for professional growth and pursuits.


Enjoy your partner

Dinner is sorted. The holidays are set. Playdates are scheduled, appointments are kept, dishes are done. Now it's time to hang out —or even go out—as a couple and talk about something else for a change.


Do something YOU like

Go on a hike? Take dance class? Finally get involved in local politics? Read a book without pictures? The Fair Play system ensures you BOTH have the right to be more than a parent, partner, and professional. It’s high time you explored your unique interests, without guilt or resentment.


Hi! I'm May (pronounced "My"). 


I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who helps professional women cultivate careers they love—and that love them back. 


In over 7  years of coaching,  I’ve witnessed how the domestic load of parenting can prevent us from building the fulfilling careers and lives we want. After my daughter was born in 2018, I understood the challenge first-hand. I wanted to help my clients remove the domestic barriers that held them back from the balanced lives they wanted, without sacrificing the family and home life they were building. 


In 2021, I became a Certified Fair Play Facilitator. I’m thrilled to be using my coaching skills to help partnered moms and parents find a better, more fulfilling, more balanced way of managing their domestic and parenting responsibilities.


It's time to juggle the kids, the house, and the cousins' birthday presents as a team.



What is Fair Play?

Fair Play is a system, developed by Eve Rodsky, designed to help parents manage their household and parenting tasks fairly, in a way that meets their needs.

What will we be learning, specifically?

The workshop will be an overview of the most important parts of the Fair Play Method, which partners create an equitable division of labor of domestic and parenting responsibilities.

Is this workshop appropriate for single parents, parents in different coparenting situations (deployments, divorce), and LGBTQ+ parents?

The workshop centers on communication tools to use with a parenting partner, and sometimes uses heteronormative language.

However, single parents, parents in different coparenting situations, and LGBTQ+ parents can get a lot out of the workshop.

Is this workshop appropriate for stay-at-home parents / parents who are not in the paid workforce?

Absolutely. All parents deserve to enjoy their lives -- whether they do paid labor or not.

Is this workshop appropriate for (paid) working parents?


Can I attend this workshop with my partner?


Is this workshop open to people of all genders?


What is the added benefit of attending the workshop live?

When you join us live, you'll be able to have specific questions answered. Plus, you’ll get more out of the experience as an active participant: you’ll learn more and retain the information better.

Will a recording of the workshop be provided to all participants?


What else will I receive as a participant in this workshop?

In addition to learning how to have effective conversations with your partner about your domestic and parenting life, you will also receive a printable version of the Fair Play cards.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you have a special circumstance, please contact me at and we can work something out.