How to deal with difficult coworkers

A free video training

I hear from a lot of women who are fed up with their coworkers. 

Their coworkers are:

  • Taking credit for their work
  • Spreading gossip and complaining about team members and customers all day 
  • Sticking their nose in others' business and making comments that leave others flabbergasted

Worst of all, I hear from women whose coworkers make them dread going in to work each day and sap away every ounce of their motivation.  

This short training is here to help women learn how to deal with this pesky problem.  

In this short video, you will learn:

  • Why coworkers can have such a big effect on work-life happiness, and what can be done about it (even if their behavior isn't going to change)
  • A simple tool anyone can use to stop coworkers from getting under their skin so they can actually ENJOY their days at work  

May Flam (pronounced "My") is the Heal Your Work Life coach. She helps women in a variety of professions with a history of feeling overwhelmed and/or bored at work to finally create a work life that is fulfilling and energizing.  

May grew up in Israel and in Dallas, Texas, and now lives in NYC with her husband.  

May Flam The "Heal Your Work Life" Coach